This page contains the regular list prices.

If you already have a direct 4 license, please use the upgrade price list.

direct is available in various license packages. The version for IP phones and Tiptel phones does not require any additional software.

If you want to use direct with a phone system, you'll have to install the telephony server TeamCall® or TeamCall® Express, both of which you'll find in the download area.

The telephony server license is already included in all multi-user direct packages.

direct for IP phones    Net price  
1 to 4 users, per user
45.00 €  
5 to 9 users, per user
38.00 €  
10 to 24 users, per user
36.00 €  
25 to 49 users, per user
33.00 €  

direct for telephone systems
(price includes the telephony server license)
5 users 500.00 €  
10 users 650.00 €  
25 users 1500.00 €  
50 users 2750.00 €  
100 users 5250.00 €  

direct for Tiptel phones with USB cable
Per user - from our partner TKR
They also sell matching USB serial converters
29.33 €  
Per user - in the FastSpring shop for direct 5 for Tiptel phones
35.00 €  

Installation and Configuration  
Remote installation and configuration via remote access (client and server), fixed price
Order via FastSpring
450.00 €  
Reinstallation of the server via remote access, fixed price
Order via FastSpring
249.00 €  
Reinstallation and configuration of the client via remote access, fixed price
Order via FastSpring
129.00 €  

direct support, fixed price per support incident
(the price will be reimbursed if it should turn out that the root cause of the incident is a problem in our software)
Order via FastSpring
129.00 €  

Customers based in the EU may have to pay 19 % value added tax (VAT), which will be added on top of these prices.
Please inquire for details.

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