direct works with phone systems or select telephones.

For communication with a phone system, direct uses a telephony server like TeamCall® or TeamCall® Express. This server typically is connected to the phone system via the network. Check out our list of compatible phone systems.

TeamCall is available for macOS, Windows, and Linux.

TeamCall Express uses the phone system's TAPI driver. Due to its use of TAPI, TeamCall Express is only available for Windows. The TAPI driver must support the creation of multiple TAPI lines (so called 3rd-party-TAPI).

To connect to a compatible telephone, a simple cable is all you need. Check out our overview of compatible phones.

The following diagrams illustrate the different connection options.

Case 1: direct is connected to the phone system via a telephony server (TeamCall or TeamCall Express).

Case 2: direct uses a direct connection between computer and telephone.

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Integration with AppleScript
Third-party applications can also call with direct. Using the integrated AppleScript interface this can be done without difficulty, for example using a FileMaker application. This functions not only when dialing, but also for incoming calls. Here you can write your own AppleScript to send the number of an incoming caller to be searched for in a File Maker application. The possibilities are almost boundless.

Dialing as Service
Does this sound familiar? You have received a telephone number in an email you would like to dial. For this you have to enter the number by hand, including annoying errors. With direct you can accomplish this better, faster and more comfortably. You select a telephone number with the mouse and choose "dial selected number" from the service menu.

This is even faster with a keyboard shortcut. This works in every program that supports the Service menu, for example a browser.

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